Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Craft Show in Algonquin IL (June 2010)

So I'm a little behind posting our recent shows.  And completely forgot to take pictures of our show in Antioch, IL.  But here are some pictures of our show in Algonquin.

We had the threat of rain the entire weekend which kept the temps cooler but would have loved to see the sun. Most of the shoppers stayed away with the storms looming overhead.  Although there were quite a few brave souls with their umbrellas and ponchos looking and shopping.

Meet my Mom, Linda and my sister Michelle.  All those beautiful afghans and baby blankets are made by my mom.  She's been making them for longer than I've been alive.  My sister comes and helps out, especially with my girls when we need to get set up.  Thanks Shelly! Forgive the darkness of these pics.  We took them when we were closed in our canopy hiding from the rain :)