Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Port Barrington Garden Party and Craft Show

This last weekend we were invited to Port Barrington's Garden Party. It's a small community tucked back off the beaten path. The people of the community really went all out for this shindig!  We were placed right in front of the moon bounce and inflatable twister game.  Yes, inflatable twister!  I wanted to jump right in!

However there wasn't any type of advertising for this event and was just for the community.  None of the attendees seemed to be interested in the crafters.  This was mainly for the children and all the "free" stuff.  So needless to say we didn't do so well and only handed out 2 business cards.  I may be new at this whole craft fair/show thing but I've always handed out at least 40 business cards at my shows.  Oh well, there's always more fairs and shows to attend.

We met some seasoned veterans of the craft show circuit.  We more experienced than I am.  They are, Windy City Spinners. Super friendly and super helpful.  Giving us some craft show tips and advice. 
Their display is gorgeous! You could literally sit there for hours just memorized. All their Spinners are stainless steel and made in the USA. And have over 300 designs to choose from. We purchased the Air Force Spinner in memory of my brother and promptly displayed it on our patio!  I love it!

You can find them here: 
Phone 847-546-5785


dancilhoney said...

Very creative of you.. I've had egyptian cotton towels for well over a year, I thought I'd let others know how they are faring.