Saturday, February 13, 2010

I have to tell everyone the two things I discovered recently! Maybe you already know but maybe you don't. It's news to me ;)

First, I found a site that's like the yellow pages f
or all things handmade and vintage! You simply post your links and what you do (create, sell, etc.) and it lists you and your links. The best part is that it's free! It does have an option for a monthly fee, where you can upload pics or your shop url. But free works for me! It's called Handmade Spark and here's the link!

Second, I found They have no listing or commission fees! I beleive a basic account is free. Right now a Premium account is $7/
month (a little over 1/2 off). However if you refer friends, family, anyone really, they give you a dollar off for each referral to a premium account! The best part is it's for life! So eventually you could have a free premium account. How awesome is that! Awesome, I say.

There are so many features that I absolutely love about One is that you can customize your shop. Not just the order of your items but the colors. The heading, font, side bar, almost everything you can change the color. My shop has more personality that way and stands out from the crowd. Two, the day I signed up I had 2 people say hi and welcome to Zibbet.
(and they were not the creators of the site). I was amazed at the warmth and friendliness. No one said welcome to me when I joined Etsy :( Three, they allow you to post your Etsy mini on your Zibbet shop page! Again, very awesome! They have a feature that lets you add widgets to your shop. Including Twitter "follow me" button, Zibbet referral banner, Facebook fan button, etc. And fourth, I've had 50+ views on my two cakes I posted, each, and only been signed up for 3 days. Etsy has taken 3 weeks to get to that, even with promoting my shop. So yes, I love Zibbet. If you want to love Zibbet too, here's the link!

Third and last, Thank you to all my new Link Love Friends! Whomever thought of that idea is a genius and has helped so many people get their names out there! What a wonderful idea! Hope all this info helps you find all the buyers you were looking for :)

The More I learn the more I Blog.