Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Us here is northern Illinois just got a foot of snow since yesterday. Now have cold temps and blowing snow. And then this morning about 4 am we were rocked by an earthquake. (Which woke me up and now I'm a wee bit crabby) I decided to think about spring and all the sunshine and pretty flowers.

So this is what comes of warm thoughts and ideas. A happy yellow roses and daisy 3 tiered towel cake. Made with 2 bath towels in yellow and white, 2 hand towels in yellow and white, and 2 wash cloths in yellow and white. All wrapped with yellow paisley ribbons, roses, daisies and greenery.
Which in turn gave me another idea to make one that is similar in tan, pink, and ivory. But it will have Easter lilies with pink edges, instead of daisies.
Wow it's amazing what you can create on a cold, snowy day in February. Stay warm everyone. Spring is around the corner, somewhere.